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The Pension payment details are not available as earlier through our website Our members who are on Special Benefit were able to take print outs for submission of these details to the Centrelink as required. When enquired by phone on the 15th Aug. 22, the Dept. of Pensions has informed that the pension details will not be uploaded to their website in future and that they will send the details for any month or period if requested by the pensioner. This request can be sent by email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Life Certificate annually before 31 March                 Widow/er Declaration with Life Certificate                                         

1. Forms for Transfer of pension from Bank of Ceylon, Metropolitan Branch to an individual Savings Account in a Foreign Country (New forms from 01.08-2021)  Download. 

2. Forms for Transfer of pension from  Hatton National Bank, Maligawatta Branch, to an individual Account in a Foreign Country - Download.

Transfer pension to another bank account


The information below was extracted from the Department of Pensions website (click),

also read "A note from the Sri Lanka High Commission" further down.

Application for S L Government Pensions for those resident abroad

The following forms should be completed

Data Entry Form/ Application                Life Certificate       Letter of Consent      Bank Details

 for Foreign Pension

Capture.JPG - 11.14 kB                                   Capture.JPG - 11.14 kB       Capture.JPG - 11.14 kB       Capture.JPG - 11.14 kB           

Data Entry Form should be supported with following attachments

  • 02 photographs in passport size certified
  • 02 photocopies of passport (photograph affixed page and visa approved page)
  • Certified copy of citizenship or permanent resident card
  • If prefer to draw pension by bank account at People’s Bank – Queen’s Branch, BOC – Metropolitan Branch or Pan Asia Bank – Borella Branch

                            - Account Opening Information Form

                            - KYC (Know your Customer) Profile Form

                            - Letter of Consent

  • If a Widows’/ Widowers’ & orphans’ pension, Widow/ Widower Form

Application for a W & OP in addition to the above should complete the following

        Widow/er Affidavit       Widow/er Declaration

          Capture.JPG - 11.14 kB             Capture.JPG - 11.14 kB

and attach the following documents

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate of Husband or wife

All copies of documents submitted with the application for pension must be certified by the High Commission/Consul Genera


 Contact Department of Pensions and Banks



A note from the Sri Lanka High Commission: Website

Payment of pensions for Former Sri Lankan Government Employees who are living overseas

1. Background

1-(i) The payment of pensions is governed by the provisions of the Pensions Act and Widows & Orphans’ Pensions Act and the relevant Circulars issued by the Department of Pensions in Sri Lanka from time to time.

1-(ii) The Sri Lanka High Commission in Canberra facilitates to draw the Sri Lankan Pensions of Retired Sri Lankan Government Employees who are living in Australia and New Zealand.
1-(iii) The most recent circular applicable for the Overseas Pensioners is 16/2009 dated 06.04.2010 as amended by 16/2009(extra), 16/2009(3) LG, 05/2011 circulars. These circulars are available on Department of Pension’s official web site
1-(iv) There are three options to draw pensions while living in a foreign country. These are;
(a) Through the Embassy/High Commission of Sri Lanka in the respective country where the pensioner is residing.
(b) Through a Approved Special Bank Account in Sri Lanka.
(c) Pensioners who are travelling for a short periods, could continue to receive their pensions via Divisional Secretariats in Sri Lanka by providing a Life Certificate whilst abroad to the bank where they draw pension and the relevant Divisional Secretariat with prior approval obtained for such payments form the Department of Pensions.
1-(v) According to the latest revision issued by circular No 05/2011, the Department of Pensions has decided;
(a) to limit pension payments through overseas missions.
(b) to pay pensions of those who are residing overseas through the special bank accounts as per the above para 1-(iv) (b).
Hence, the fresh requests to draw pensions through overseas missions will be considered for old aged pensioners who do not have Sri Lankan citizenship and connection with the country.
1-(vi) The monthly pension will be paid by this High Commission at the end of each month.

2. How to apply to receive pension in a Foreign Country

2-(i) As per the above circulars those pensioners who wish to receive their payments through the Sri Lanka Missions abroad is required to send a duly completed Data Entry Form through the respective overseas Mission to the Department of Pension in Sri Lanka. This Data Entry Form is available in the Pensions Department’s web site under the circular No 05/2011. Please download this circular and read carefully before filling the Data Entry Form. Applicants are kindly requested to attach all the documents required in para No 09 in the form to avoid unnecessary delays.
2-(ii) In case of a Widow, in addition to the requirements in para No 09 the following documents should be attached;
(a) Certified copy of Marriage Certificate
(b) Certified Copy of Death Certificate of the Pensioner
2-(iii) Applicant should place his/her signature before a person with good standing i.e Consul General/ Honorary Consuls for Sri Lanka, Government Officer, Doctor, Engineer, Accountant, Notary Public or Justice of the Peace etc.
2-(iv) All duly filled Data Entry Forms should be sent to this High Commission for submission to the Department Pensions in Sri Lankan for final approval.

3. Bank Account

3-(i) The bank account should be an individual account and not a joint account.
3-(ii) In terms of the provision of the Pensions Act, the pension can not be entrusted to any other person. Therefore, pensioners can not open accounts to credit pension payments to the names of persons who hold a power of attorney on behalf or any other relatives.
3-(iii) If any payments are made after death of the pensioner to the account, such payments are subject to refund to the Government of Sri Lanka. The Mission can take legal action (under the Australian law) on such person who continues to receive pensions in a fraudulent manner. Relatives of pensioner are expected to inform the Mission of the death of the Pensioner.

4. Life Certificate

4-(i) Life Certificates should be sent to the Director of Pensions once a year through the High Cmmissioner for Sri Lanka before the 30th of March . It should be certified by the Consul General/ Honorary Consuls for Sri Lanka or by a Doctor if disabled.
4-(ii) In case of a Widows’ pension, an affidavit stating that the pensioner has not re-married, should be submitted once a year together with the first Certified Life Certificate of the year to prove the marital status.
4-(iii) In case no Certified Life Certificate as per the above is received, before 30th March, pension payments will be suspended without any notice until the receipt of the Certified Life Certificate and a request to reinstate the payments. Arrears of such non payments will also be considered subject to circumstances of non receipts of Life Certificate.
4-(iv) In case of a death of a pensioner, the next of kin has the responsibility to inform about the death in writing to this High Commission as soon as possible and they can apply for Widows’ and Orphans pensions as applicable.

5. Contact Details

Sri Lanka High Commission
No 61, Hampton Circuit
Yarralumla, Canberra
ACT 2600

T.P : + 61 2 61983756
Fax: + 61 2 61983760
e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Department of Pensions
Foreign Pension Branch
Maligawatte Secretariat
Colombo 10
Sri Lanka


T.P : + 94 11 2386469
+ 94 11 2209870
Fax : + 94 11 2342078
+ 94 11 2386469